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Lipstick Brands Comparison

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Throughout history, women have always worn lipstick in order to make themselves more attractive and noticeable. Lipstick draws attention to the lips which makes them stand out when talking to people. There are various reasons why women wear lipstick, which includes: to feel better about their appearance, to give them confidence and have the ability to express their unique artistic style. Over the centuries, colors and ingredients of lipsticks have changed. The wonderful thing about lipstick is the variety and versatility of it in color and composition.

For some women, lipstick is their go-to makeup item when they want to quickly pull their looks together in just a few minutes. It has been the most popular form of makeup for decades. If you’re one of those people who’s still figuring out what lipstick color fits their skin tone, this article will provide you with the three of the top-selling lipstick brands which are popular to women.

The purpose for wearing lipstick remains the same: to express inner beauty with outer self.

#1. MAC Lipstick

MAC is the world’s leading professional makeup brand because of its unrivaled expertise in makeup artistry. They are at the forefront of fashion trendsetting, collaborating with leading talents from fashion, art and popular culture. Their lipsticks have bright colors that won’t dry out lips, has so many shades to choose from and lasts from day to night. This brand’s formula is known for being highly pigmented, creamy and long-lasting. This brand’s lipsticks are quite pricey because of its unmatched quality and components used.

#2. Melted Matte Liquified Matte Long Wear Lipstick

This brand includes natural ingredients such as avocado oil, vitamin E and hyaluronic filling spheres in their lipsticks. It is lightweight, has a long-wearing formula and has a color-right formula which wears comfortably. This brand has been endorsed by beauty brands such as USA Today and Cosmo because of its innovative formula which goes on like a gloss but dries to an ultra-matte opaque finish.

#3. Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

This lipstick has the unicorn of nude color which looks good in every skin tone, has explosive shine which feels good on your lips as it looks and can be worn alone or as a top code for any lipstick or gloss. This is owned by the famous singer, Rihanna which claimed that she created this product because she “wanted the girls to get kissed more.” Even if you’re not a fan of lip gloss, this luminizer is sure to win you over.

Whatever the reason may be for wearing lipstick, it has been used throughout the ages in order to enhance and draw attention to the lips which adds to the woman’s overall attractiveness and her ability to express her individuality.

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