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Teeth Aligners Online - Which Should You Choose?

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Having a gleaming, beautiful teeth will allow you to smile more and exude confidence in virtually every situation. Smiling more often will naturally make people do the same, which generally improves the interaction. However, a large percentage of Americans are not confident with how their teeth look and some immediately search for the best teeth aligners online which suits their needs while some just learn to live and love their smile.

There are important factors to consider when looking for the best aligners for you: quality, price, customer reviews. Researching online which teeth aligner is best for you can be tiresome and time-consuming, given that there are various brands which solely focus on selling this product. Not to mention the difficulty to remember everything you read as you keep on engrossing such information. This article will help you know more about the different teeth aligners brands, understand their different techniques and how much they cost.

Candidco, NewSmile Club, Smile Direct Club invisible aligners online.
If you are one of those people that look for best teeth aligners online, keep reading this article! We collected and did the research of some of the best aligners that you can find online.

#1: NewSmile

NewSmile is a newer company which offers a great deal for their customers by providing them three simple steps. First, you will receive an Impression Kit, which you can send back using your pre-paid shipping label once completed, in order to create perfect moulds of your teeth. To help you make your impressions correctly, you can book a time with their Impression Specialist for a video call. Second, their licensed dentists and orthodontists create a Treatment Preview of how your straight teeth will look like. Once you approve your preview, they'll start making your aligners and deliver them all at once. A few things of the things that make NewSmile different, are that they include a free set of retainers, free teeth whitening, and free aligner monitoring with their NewSmile Aligner Monitoring App. that is set to launch any day now! Their clear aligners cost $1,999 and will take 4-6 months to straighten your teeth.

#2: byte

Byte which was co-founded by a celebrity dentist, and is one the most popular invisible aligners companies you can find online. Byte’s Expert Dental Network consists of over 200 licensed doctors, dentists, and orthodontists who will guide you on your treatment from start to finish. Byte works in three simple steps: First, your at-home impressions will be shipped straight to you. Second, their licensed orthodontists will use your impressions to design your personalized treatment plan. Lastly, their doctors will track your progress throughout your treatment through remote monitoring. Aside from that, byte also has outstanding customer experience which helped them earn their high ranking. Byte clear aligners costs $1850 and must be worn in at most 3 months.

#3: SmileDirectClub

SmileDirectClub which has been in business since 2014, earned a spot as one of the best clear aligners brands online due to their continued success with their teeth aligners and excellent customer service initiatives. This company has opened offices throughout the country. which made it possible for you to acquire a 3D image of your smile, and could also save you the time of just waiting for your impression kits to be delivered in the mail. SmileDirectClub works in three simple steps: First, their doctors will make a 3D image of your teeth which could help them design your treatment plan. Second, you’ll get a preview of your smile transformation and then their doctors will start creating your custom aligners and your assigned dentist or orthodontist will have regular check-ins. Lastly, you can purchase a set of retainers after completing the treatment and checking with your doctor.

#4 Meet Dandy

Nowadays, Direct-to-customer companies are everywhere. They sell you anything on the market at a small amount of expense. However, Dentists don't seem to believe that this kind of marketing is always good for consumers. It has become a tradition to go to the dentist or an orthodontist if you want to straighten your teeth or get braces. But, with the advancement of technology and running out of supply patents, allowing clear aligner startup companies became possible.

Dentists believe that most DTC aligners only treats the mild cases due to the fact that patients don't get the chance to get their teeth checked by a dentist face to face. There were also petitions and accusations made towards some of the DTC companies. However, there are other companies which puts the Dentists back in the picture.

Dandy, a newcomer company, offers aligners at a similar price ($1,900 for simple cases, $2,600 for more complex ones). Dandy puts the dentists back in the picture by partnering with top-tier local dentists which could do in-person checkups, 3D digital scans and X-rays before every treatment. However, Dandy cuts down on the hassle of going to your dental office every couple weeks by shipping your aligners to your home and will monitor your progress virtually.

Your teeth are the outward expression of your overall health, which is why it is so important to take care of them. Being unhappy with your teeth can hinder how well you are able to get to know the people around you. Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, a lot of products are now made available to help those people which are not confident with how their teeth look. Teeth aligners is one of the best choices to straighten your teeth, and this article summed up four of the best teeth aligners brands which could be helpful for you.

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